Best Residential Landscape $5,000-$10,000 (2014/15)

Here are some photos of what we’ve been doing

Here are some photos of our 2014/15 award-winning residential landscape in the price range of $5,000-$10,000. This job was in Legana.

No matter your budget, small or big, we can create an ambient garden that you will love, so give us a call!

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Courtyards and Entertaining

Most landscapes will have an area to entertain family and friends. Whether it be a paved area for summer barbecues or a fire pit for warmth in winter, a space for entertaining should be considered in your landscape plan.

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An initial consultation and quote can be provided free of charge within the Launceston area. Once-off, or ongoing consultations are available for a set fee where a client intends to do the landscape themselves but requires advice.

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We install quality artificial and instant lawn. We can also sow your lawn if you need!

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Rocks and Boulders

Rocks and boulders feature heavily in our landscapes. Small rocks for edging, flat stepping stones, large boulders and more.

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Retaining Walls

To maximise space and aesthetics of landscapes, we retain using sleepers, stone, boulders and concrete blocks.

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Andrew is a certified horticulturist and will recommend appropriate trees and plants suited to your landscape and taste!

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We create paved spaces using a variety of materials including concrete pavers, exposed aggregate, natural stone, and bricks.

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To keep your lawn and gardens looking their best all year round, we recommend irrigating. We install all forms of irrigation including dripper systems, pop-up sprinkling systems with computerised or manual operation. We don’t have images of our irrigation success stories yet, but we’ll have some here soon!

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We understand that different plants and turf have different needs to achieve optimal growth. Proper soil preparation is a must for plants and turf to survive.

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Garden Styles

The style of gardens we create largely depends on our client’s needs and tastes. We create a wide range of landscape styles including classic, modern, low maintenance, cottage, rustic, native, natural, water wise, old world, fernery, edible and Japanese gardens.

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Garden Edging

Minimising maintenance with the use of quality edging products is an important aspect of any landscape. Pavers, bricks, concrete, steel, stone, modwood, and treated pine are the main materials we use.

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We begin the design process by listening to you. We then provide ideas and suggestions to achieve the look that you’re after. This is included in our free consultation. We also offer an optional digital plan of your new landscape. This costs a bit more, but helps to visualise!

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